Warmly congratulate Haian Borun Jiangjiasha offshore wind power project on the successful operation of impressed current cathodic protection system

The impressed current cathodic protection system of the foundation pile of Haian Borun Jiangjiasha offshore wind power project has been successfully completed recently. This project marks the first time that the impressed current cathodic protection equipment of domestic offshore wind power has successfully applied the impressed current cathodic protection system in the full capacity grid connected wind farm, and has created many firsts in the field of marine wind cathodic protection.  
Haian Borun Jiangjiasha Offshore Wind Power Foundation Project is located in the sea area near Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The sea conditions in the sea area are complex and changeable, the waves are large, and the window period is short. In order to ensure the construction period and provide high-quality and efficient services for the owners, the Jiangjiasha project team has completed the benchmarking of cathodic protection products with the national standards, the project needs, and the delivery of high standards; 100% of all delivered equipment shall be tested and certified by CCS classification society to ensure that each equipment is "certified" and healthy; In terms of technology, in view of the characteristics of sea conditions, we discussed optimization with the cathodic protection unit, and adopted the innovative process and installation method of electrode cage external fixation, which greatly shortened the installation time and difficulty of underwater parts, and provided a solid foundation for the timely grid connection operation of the project.




This project uses high-performance ICCP equipment, which combines a number of patented technologies to enable the equipment to work efficiently and stably under severe working conditions. In combination with the new Internet of Things system, real-time data is uploaded to the cloud platform through the remote transmission system, enabling users to monitor, view, download relevant data, etc. at the first time. Through the field measurement of various functions of the system, the relevant data fully meet the design requirements.



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